Tuesday Ryan-Hart

Tuesday Ryan-Hart

A host/facilitator who left the fields of traditional service provision and academics to become a new kind of community change-maker, Tuesday partners with community builders around the world.

With a passion for social justice and expertise in gender & race equality and anti-violence work, Tuesday excels at working with groups to enhance awareness and understanding, build alliances, and take positive action together. As part of a Columbus, Ohio "community of practitioners," Tuesday both convenes and hosts community conversations that address the complex social issues facing many of our communities right now.

In addition, Tuesday is a steward of the Art of Hosting global community of practice and the mother of two young children, and she recently ran her first marathon.

Reclaiming Myself in Community

Posted on September 15, 2013

Early in August, Deborah Frieze and I gathered together with 20 of our friends for an experiment. We called it “Village Week,” and our idea was to bring together folks whom we dearly loved for a week of play, learning, good conversation and rest.

Tuesday-and-childBecause Village Week was born from a simple desire to be together and see what would happen, we didn’t devise a “learning agenda” or plan specific outcomes for the week. Instead, we put a lot of thought into who we wanted to join us and invited them to bring their partners and families to be part of our experiment. Read More »