At the Old Oak Dojo, we believe it’s possible to play to change the world. That’s why we engage in all kinds of experiments—turning trash into treasure through upcycling, swinging from trees 40 feet off the ground, dancing on slacklines, making music around campfires, writing and painting and dreaming. Play invites us to see what’s possible rather than what’s so and stretches our physical, mental and emotional limitations.


Tree Climbing

Using ropes, harnesses and rigging, we climb as high as 60 feet off the ground, relaxing in the canopy of our 230-year-old oaks. Come try it out!

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Photo by Lars Nelson


There’s something deeply enlivening about the practice of keeping honeybees. If we want to learn about community resilience, we couldn’t do much better than study beehives. Better still, we get to steal their honey.

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Photo by Lars Nelson


Because the Old Oak Dojo serves as a gathering space for community events, we want to create as much capacity as possible to feed people locally. That’s why gardening is such an important activity.

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Upcycling is the practice of converting trash into objects that are useful, durable and beautiful. Join us in creating drinking glasses from wine bottles, earrings from soda cans and necklaces from magazines.

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Practitioners from many disciplines bring their skills to the Old Oak Dojo to offer classes in acro-yoga, capoeira, dance, kung fu, qi gong, meditation, yoga and more.

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When we play, we’re in a constant process of discovery, experimentation and creation. We tinker. We invent. We dream, imagine and make believe until it’s time to go out and build the world we dream of.

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